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Which Team Benefitted the Most From the Dwight Howard Signing?

Well it's official. As I predicted, the D12 show will now be heading to Houston to join James Harden. This is a huge trade for not only Houston, but the Lakers, and the NBA.

Los Angeles has now lost it's center, and are stuck with one mediocre center (Robert Sacre), and a couple power forwards. Since they lost their center, the Lakers have three options. Number one is to look for possible centers. Chris Kaman, Samuel Dalembert, and multiple other centers are open on the free agent list, and give a good option for the Lakers. Another option is playing small next year. The Lakers can put Pau Gasol at center, and another power forward at power forward. The final and least likely option is letting Robert Sacre play center. Take note that Robert is going into his 2nd season, and has tiny experience (6.3 MPG and 32 games). I believe the Lakers will let Gasol play center since he has already played center many season's in his career.

The Lakers also need to realize that the Lakers is now Kobe's team. He will be able to shoot with freedom, and Steve Nash will be able to assist more easily. I believe, without Dwight, the Lakers will be great. They still have enough talent, but this time, less drama.

The final effect on the Lakers is their future. Kobe only has a couple more years left, Nash is to retire soon, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace is aging, and now, Dwight Howard is gone. What are they going to do? Let Steve Blake take over? Now since Howard is gone, the Lakers have a short future.

The Lakers have a short future, but the Rockets have a great future. Harden is going into his prime, Howard still has at least 5 more good years, and they still have possible future stars (Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons). I believe, without Howard causing trouble, the Rockets will at least reach the Western Conference Finals in the next 4 years.

The Rockets also have a great present. Although I don't think they just instantly became a title-contender, I do believe they will be one of the top teams in the West.

Right now, it looks like both teams benefitted in the present, but the Rockets won with the future.