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Shaq Rips on Dwight Howard (Again)

Here Shaq goes again. He has one of the biggest ego's I have ever seen. Back in his day, he was the best center in the league, and had the right to rip on people. Now, he is an analyst, who is being biased because he's afraid of someone being better than him.

Because of his current situation, he needs to suck up his pride, and realize Dwight Howard is the best center in the league (Although, I still believe Shaq will always be better than Dwight).

Yesterday, Shaq ripped on Dwight (Again) for signing with Houston. He said, "''It was expected,'' Shaq said. ''We've all been in LA, and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures. I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That's right, little town. I said it.''

I agree with the beginning (Although he said it like a brat), but the second half is complete B.S. Houston is the 4th most populated city in America. It's also funny that Shaq played in Orlando (Not even in top 50 populated city in America), Miami (Where he actually demanded to be traded to, and is the 44th most populated city in the U.S.), Cleveland (48th), and Boston (21st).

Shaq needs to shut up, and deal with the fact that he's retired and Dwight is the best center in the league. Stop being a little brat, and stop being biased.