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Chipper Jones Takes a Shot At MLB Umpire

          "I will not watch a game, any game, officiated by Angel Hernandez! His incompetence amazes me and I'm tired of MLB doing squat about it! Nite." This quote from future hall of famer, Chipper Jones, surprises me.

            He has had almost no problems off the field, and rarely shares frustrated or maddened feelings on social network. However, two nights ago he decided to go Johnny Manziel on Twitter, and bombarded the MLB and it's officials with complaints.

              He posted 5 tweets either making fun of MLB umpire, Angel Hernandez, or sharing his frustrated feelings with the MLB.

             The first one came early in the game when Chipper said, "Didn't take Angel long to screw up the strike zone, did it???" The second tweet was the tweet I featured at the top. His frustration all gathered into one, and he tweeted his full frustrations on twitter.

               However, he wasn't done. He then took a shot at the MLB by saying, "Our only recourse, as fans, is to turn the station whenever he, or his crew, are on the field. When viewer numbers go down, MLB will notice." Really? Don't complain to the MLB over twitter where everyone can see! Talk to them behind close curtains! That's like a little sibling trying to get an older sibling in trouble. You could've just talked to them, but you had to do it your way.

               His next tweet was actually a re-tweet and it came from someone named, "@jonathanstinson." Jonathan tweeted saying that Hernandez makes 73% correct calls, while the average ump makes above 80% of correct calls.

               His 5th and final tweet was probably the roughest. Chipper tweeted, "And so you know, MLB fired an umpire today. Just the wrong one!" Come on. That's too far. We are talking about a man losing a job. Cool it Chipper.