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The Effect Kevin McHale Will Have On Dwight Howard

           Unstoppable. That's how many people have described Kevin McHale in the low post. He had so many moves, that many times you would have to guess which move he was making. He could fade away and shoot, he could get you in the air and go up and under, he could do anything.

            Charles Barkley once commented on McHale saying, "You could not stop him." It was just impossible. We have proof today of his "unstoppable-ness"  by looking at his stats.

            He averaged 18 PPG (20 PPG or more 5 times in career), 79% from the free throw line, and an astonishing 56% from the field (Led the league in field goal percentage twice) for his career. 

             After his career, he went on to be an analyst, special assistant, assistant general manager, and executive for the Timberwolves. While on the Wolves, he drafted future star, Kevin Garnett. McHale then took Garnett under his wing, and mentored him through his Minnesota career. 

            Although he was an executive, he would occasionally come down and show Kevin Garnett some posts on the block. Garnett once said about McHale, "Kevin hasn't been my coach for a long time, but he's taught me a lot. Kevin's one of the best teachers I have ever been around." 

           After his Minnesota days with Garnett, he joined TNT with Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson for two years. Then came his chance to be a coach. 

              During the off-season, the Houston Rockets front office selected Kevin McHale to be their head coach. In his first season, the Rockets went 34-32 and barely missed making the 8 seed in the playoffs. 

             During the off-season of 2012, the Rockets acquired James Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. With their talent and McHale's coaching, the Rockets went 45-37 and made the 8 seed in the playoffs. However, their hopes of an upset were cut short when the Oklahoma City Thunder beat them in 6 games. 

              Then came the off-season of 2013 (currently going on). During this off-season, the Rockets acquired the best center in the NBA, Dwight Howard. Howard already has an array of post moves, but can definitely improve. 

                 He also is coming off of a relatively poor season, and an injury affected season. However, someone else has gone through this also. 

                Kevin McHale went through this situation in 1988 when he had serious ankle problems. However, he played better than Howard with injury. He averaged 22 PPG, and shot 57% from the field. McHale has been in Howard's situation and can definitely help Howard get through his troubles.

             McHale will also show him low-post moves. Howard has great low-post moves, but can improve. McHale, like I said before, was unstoppable in the low-post. He taught Kevin Garnett, and look how he turned out. McHale can teach Howard, and Howard can become unstoppable. 

                Howard is coming off of a troubled and frustrating season. We all know McHale is a funny guy, who can lighten up a situation. With McHale as coach, there definitely won't be as much stress as last season. 

                   The final effect will be leading a team to a Championship. McHale was part of 3 Championships, and knows how to win. He will carry Howard and the Rockets on his shoulders and lead them to the ultimate goal:

A Championship