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Jason Kidd Get's Technical in First Summer League Game!

          I like this. I know Kidd gave Detroit one free point, but I still like this. As a coach, you can't let your players fight for the right calls. You have to step in, and like the announcers said, sometimes take a technical for the team.

            His team was down by 4, and let Peyton Siva stroll right into the paint. His team was looking sluggish, and Kidd needed to fire up his teammates. Although it didn't work, I like that Kidd was trying to stand up for his team. 

          I like that he was willing to get a technical called on him for the team. I just wish the Nets would've helped him out after that and played well. The Pistons, after the technical, went on a 10-5 run and closed the game out.

         The game ended at 76-67 with the Pistons beating the Nets, and handing Kidd his first loss as a coach. Although they lost, there were some good signs from Kidd. Good job standing up for the team.