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Angels on a Roll As Josh Hamilton Hits Game Winning Home Run

       Finally. The Angels are finally starting to win. The Angels have now won 10 of their last 12 games, and and the past few games were not against the easiest of teams. 

          Last night, the Angels capped off their series with the Boston Red Sox, who have the 3rd best win percentage in the league. The series before, the Angels beat the Cardinals (tied for best win percentage in league) with a 2-1 series advantage. In late June, they swept the Astros (They're the only exception) and Tigers (First in AL Central). 

            In late June, the Angels pitching was key as they only averaged 3 runs per game. For the whole season, the Angels had been averaging around 5 runs per game. It's not a huge jump, but at least it's something.

            In July, it's been the hitting. In their wins, they have almost averaged 6 runs per game. During their season, they averaged just above 4.5 runs per game. Once again, it's not a huge jump, but at least they're making progress. 

           Last night, the Angels capped off their great winning streak with an exciting game. With one out in the 11th inning, Josh Hamilton came up to the plate. On the first pitch Hamilton saw, he smacked it into the  right-center field fence. 

             The Angels won the Red Sox series, and now have momentum going into a series against the awful Cubs. After the Cubs, they are facing a just as bad Seattle Mariners team. With this momentum going into two series against poor teams, I think the Angels will win 5 out of their next 6.