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Now Who's Better: Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs?

        Super star team vs great chemistry and experience. That will be the match up we will be seeing in southern Texas this year. The super star team will be played by the Houston Rockets, while the experienced team will be played by the defending Western Conference Champions, San Antonio Spurs. 

         Now, we have actually have seen this before, and is a sequel to a previous story. This previous story took place in Southern California, and Southern Texas. The match up was between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. The ironic part, is Dwight Howard took part in this match up too. He was with the Lakers, who lost 2 out of the 3 games versus the Spurs. 

           However, now Howard is playing for the Rockets, who are bound to have better chemistry than the Lakers. James Harden has played with two demanding scorers at once (Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant), and still found a way to average 17 PPG. Jeremy Lin is a point guard, who can assist and dish to Dwight Howard in the paint. Omer Asik is not a big scorer, and will focus on rebounds and defense (scoring occasionally). Chandler Parsons is a good scorer, who can play like Metta did with the Lakers (Play good defense, and be able to score when needed). 

            I have trouble seeing the Rockets have chemistry trouble. Unless, Howard starts being a brat again, and takes his complaints about teammates to the press. Hopefully, Howard has learned his lesson from LA, and now know's to take it to the coach. 

             Of course, the Spurs will have team chemistry as long as Gregg Poppovich and Tim Duncan together. That's the big key to how the Spurs win. They use their great chemistry, and combine it with the super star talent of Tony Parker. However, when you look at the match ups, they aren't that bad for Houston. The following match ups are from last year. 

                 Jeremy Lin vs Tony Parker? Lin averaged 18 PPG, 6 APG, and 54% from the field, and Parker averaged 22 PPG, 9 APG, and shot 57% from the field. Lin actually raised his stats, and played well last year versus Parker. 

              James Harden vs Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green? Harden averaged 30 PPG, 6 APG, and shot 60% from the field! Green (Harden guarded Green on defense not Leonard) averaged 10 PPG and shot 50% from the 3. 

                Kawhi Leonard vs Chandler Parsons? Leonard averaged 7 PPG, 5.5 TRB, and shot 45% from the field. Parson's averaged 22 PPG, 8 TRB, and shot 57% from the field. 

                 Omer Asik vs Tiago Splitter? Asik averaged 7 PPG and 8 TRB per game. Splitter averaged 10 PPG and 5 TRB per game. 

                    Finally, Duncan vs Howard (Last year's Spurs vs Lakers). Duncan averages 19 PPG, 8.5 TRB per game, and shot 50% from the field. Howard averages 19 PPG, 13.5 TRB, and shot 58% from the field. 

             By the look of the match ups, it seems like the Rockets can handle the Spurs. Also, the Rockets will have chemistry, and won't be "out-chemistry'd" by the Spurs. I believe the Rockets have a great chance of being better than the Spurs this year. In fact, I believe the Rockets have enough chemistry, and enough favorable match ups to beat the Spurs next year. I'm picking the Rockets.