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Andrew Bynum Is Going to Cleveland!

         Andrew Bynum, according to multiple reports, has signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bynum was on the 76ers last year, but unfortunately had knee problems all year long, and didn't play a single minute. 
           Poor Jrue Holiday never got to play with a dominant center. I was actually looking forward to seeing them play. 


               Well, now we might get to see a better performance. Kyrie Irving is a star point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and will fit great with Bynum. He is averaging 6 assists per game, and can easily dish it to him in the post. With the past two years of failure, I'm sure Irving will be happy to see they have potential to make the playoffs. 

             Another question for Cleveland is their already great center, Anderson Varejao. Anderson missed half of last season. However, he averaged 14 PPG and 15 TRB per game while he played! Still, I'm not worried about Varejao and Bynum. Anderson played 3 years of power forward, and will be glad to let Bynum take the center role. 


                Especially if means the Cavs might even make the playoffs next year. In the end, I believe Bynum will fit perfectly with Cleveland. 

 Nice move Cleveland.