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Derek Jeter to Make Return Today!

            The time we have been waiting for has arrived. Finally, the Yankees captain, Derek Jeter, will return to the Yankees today at 1:05 Eastern time against the Royals. 

                The Yankees had been on a roll before he had returned, but all of sudden lost 3 straight games to the Orioles and Royals. In the 3 game losing streak, the pitching was great, but the hitting was horrendous. The Yankees scored 3 runs in 3 games, and only averaged 7 hits per game. 

                 Hopefully, this hitting slump is about to change. Yesterday, the Yankees beat the Royals 8-1, and their hitting was great. Now, they might be getting into a groove that Derek Jeter's return could fit right into. Especially since Eduardo Nunez (Yankees shortstop) has hit .166 in the past two games.

                Now, their hitting will hopefully only improve. The only way I see the Yankees playing worse is if Derek is rusty or only plays a few innings. However, I see the Yankees and their home field crowd being a slight bit inspired to win this game. Their captain has returned, and amazingly, it was a quicker return than Derrick Rose. 

I got the Yankees winning.