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Kobe Bryant says, "I didn't really care" about Howard Going to Houston

          ''You think once a guy decides to go someplace else I'm going to waste my time trying to figure out why that happened? Nash took Howard's rejection harder. Steve's like a quintessential teammate. Steve takes that stuff to heart. I didn't really care." 

              Harsh words from harsh man. Then again, I kind of expected this. Kobe isn't one to forget things, or keep his mouth shut. 


          Kobe said this in an interview with the Associated Press yesterday in Santa Barbara, California. He has been getting ready to attend his youth basketball camp in Santa Barbara, while trying to keep his tendon on patrol.

            "I'm not going to be able to go out there and do too much without the Lakers having a heart attack. I could shoot right now, but you just don't trust that the tendon's holding yet." 

                He reportedly has tried to keep his tendon from exploding, and his tempers towards Howard from exploding. However, one of the two hasn't worked out great so far. I think you can guess which one. 

Hopefully, Kobe will keep his word on not focusing on Howard, and focusing on his Achilles tendon.