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Is Manu Ginobili's Play Positive or Negative for San Antonio?

        "Now it's official. I've just signed my fourth contract with the Spurs for two more years." The Spurs big three isn't gone just yet.

           Manu Ginobili has officially signed with the San Antonio Spurs, and will play for them for another two years. Manu averaged 11 PPG, 4 APG, and shot 42% from the field and 35% from 3 last year for San Antonio, but struggled a lot more in the playoffs.

             In 10 of the 21 games of the playoffs, Manu shot below 40%. Also in 10 of the 21 games of the playoffs, Manu scored below 10 points. Manu continued to struggle with the ball in the playoffs too. He averaged 3 turnovers per game in the playoffs, and had the 2nd highest turnover percentage of his career. I would be okay with this, but he had one of his least productive seasons of his career. 

                 This leads to me ask: Is Manu's continued play with the Spurs positive for the Spurs. Obviously they think so since they signed him, but will they still think so in 2014?

                   Manu had his 3rd worst total win shares from last season, and had the 3rd worst plus minus of his career. He also was not helpful to San Antonio the farther they got into the playoffs. His two highest plus/minuses came against LA in the forst round. His worst three came in the NBA Finals versus Miami. His player efficiency rating was the third worst in his career (only behind 1st and 2nd season).

                    Manu also had his 2nd worst productive year in FG% and PPG, and only played 60 games (0 started). His durability struggled last year in the playoffs. His two late game turnovers in game 6, costed the Spurs the win. His late game turnover in game 7, clinched the win for Miami. 

                      All of this stuff would lead a lot of people to believe that picking up Manu was a bad idea. Not me. Sure Manu isn't the player he used to be, but at least he can be someone who can fill in for Parker when needed. He doesn't have to play 25 minutes per game. He can play 15-20, and still be greatly effective. 

                       He also is a club house leader. His fiery competetivness drives himself, and the whole team. Of course, he is part of the big three.

                         Finally, last season Manu wasn't given help with injuries. His strained right hamstring definitely did not help him through out the second half of the season. 

                         Although Manu had one of his worst season's last year, it was right of the Spurs to grab and sign him for next year.