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Are the Bulls Guaranteed Favorites over Miami With Rose Returning?

           Finally! He is 100%! Derrick Rose will finally return! Derrick Rose has said he is 100%, and will return on the first day of the 2013-2014 season. Rose is now 24 and turning 25 in early October.

               After missing out on last year's season due to a torn ACL, Rose will be ready to get back in action next season. Tom Thibodeau says he is, "physically great." It seems they made the Derrick Rose Return Commercial a year early. 

                 Now the question is the impact Rose will have on the Bulls. People say Rose doesn't have great defense like his team. That's true, but even with Rose the Bulls were the best defensive team in the league (2012 season). People say Rose likes to go one on one too much, and it will affect the team's chemistry. However, the Bulls did better in 2012 (Rose played) on offense than the past season (Rose did not play). 

                   Obviously, he affects his team positively. Now the question is how he will help them win. Especially, against the defending champions, Miami Heat. I'm expecting the Bulls to meet the Heat in the playoffs if Rose returns as his same self. If they meet, will Rose make a difference? Or will the Heat beat them in 5 games for the third time?

                     Well, with Rose in 2011 and 2012, the Bulls were great against Miami in the regular season. Combined, the Bulls went 5-1 against the Heat in the regular season (With Rose playing). Without Rose, the Bulls were 2-2 in the regular season. In the playoffs, it was a different story. 

                    The Bulls were 1-4 against Miami in the playoffs (with Rose), and 1-4 against Miami in the playoffs (Without Rose). This may seem like a negative since it seems like the Heat dominate no matter what, but things have changed since 2011. Wade has been slowed by injury, Bosh's numbers are down, and there have been rumors of Lebron leaving Miami. 

                      Now, the Bulls chemistry has become much greater, Rose is returning, and the Bulls have picked up many new faces. The Bulls having the same result in 2013, without Rose, as they did in 2011, with Rose, shows me the Heat will not run over the Bulls this next year. It shows me the Bulls and Heat will at least go to 6, and every game will be close. 

                           However, I'm still predicting the Heat will beat the Bulls next year. This will probably be their last year as the big three, and I see them going off in style.