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Notre Dame's Stephon Tuitt Will Break Records in 2014

             6'6, 300 pounds. Imagine being a quarterback and seeing this monster coming for you. There is little hope for you unless there is a wide open receiver down the field. 

              This is the situation many quarterbacks were faced with last season. When any team was going to face Notre Dame in 2012, they faced one the best, and most clutch, defenses in the country. They were stacked with Manti Te'o, Louis Nix, Zeke Motta, and the player who led ND in tackles for loss, Stephon Tuitt. 

                  Tuitt is a giant at 300 pounds, but amazingly has great speed and quickness. Against one of the quickest quarterbacks in the nation, Denard Robinson, Tuitt caused a ton of havoc. Tuitt and the defense caused Robinson to have 4 interceptions, and the total team of Michigan to have 6 turnovers. In the end, it was a great win for Tuitt and the Irish. 

                       Looking back at his season last year, I'm expecting him to have a record breaking season in 2014. Tuitt was on track to record 13 sacks last season (not counting BCS Championship), and came extremely close to breaking Justin Tuck's record for Notre Dame of single season sacks (13.5). However, in the middle of the season, Tuitt was diagnosed with a hernia. 

                           The hernia allowed him to walk, but not without pain. Before the BCS Championship game, he had trouble even walking. Imagine how he felt against Alabama's steroid-using linemen! The hernia caused his stats to suffer late in Notre Dame's season. 

                              This season, with the hernia gone, I'm predicting he will break Tuck's record, and shatter the record. He had 3 games in 2013, with the hernia, where he had games with no sacks. If he had one sack in each of those games, he would've had 15 sacks! 

                                 For now, I hope for a speedy recovery from the hernia. I heard he is a great guy, and we all know he is a great football player. 

Watch out ACC.