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The Worst Apology Ever

           He could have gone out with class. He could have gone out with dignity. Instead, Ryan Braun went out  looking like a liar. 


          The MLB officially has suspended Ryan Braun for the rest of the MLB season, and post-season. He has been charged with, "violations of the Basic Agreement and it's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program." This leaves Braun stranded, and will not be paid for the remainder of the season. 

                Obviously, it hurts Braun. However, like most suspensions, it goes far beyond the individual player. Let me take you back to the off-season after the 2011 season. The Brewers had had a great season going 96-66, and making it to the NL Championship. A lot of people believed that the Brewers would win the title next season. But there was one problem.

Milwaukee isn't New York. 

             Milwaukee can't raise a ton of money, and sign a ton of stars. This meant they had to let go of one of their stars: Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder? It was a tough decision, but Milwaukee chose to let go of Fielder. Braun had shown much promise, and won the MVP Award. Anyone with common sense would keep him. It was no question it was the right choice. Right?

           Wrong. Next year Braun played great, but tested positive for PED. He almost faced a 50 game suspension, and was sucking the Brewers into the situation. To make it worse, he tried lying. He commented, "It"s B.S." However, Braun somehow found a way to overturn his suspension. 

            For a while, it seemed like Braun might be off the hook. That was until this year. A couple months ago, the MLB announced they plan to suspend several players relating to a Biogenesis case. They named several players including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. They planned to suspend players after the all-star break, and that is what they're doing. 

            Braun has been suspended, without pay, for the rest of the season. Now, it destroy's his reputation. I don't even feel bad for him. He has caused major problems for other people now. The Brewers, for one, are now in a deep hole. They have a contract with Braun through 2020 where Milwaukee has to pay Braun 105 Million dollars. Milwaukee's going to have a lot of trouble winning games when they might not even be able to sign any stars. 

                Braun's suspension has also hurt the team. A lot of players that backed him up in 2011 and 2012 feel betrayed and frustrated. Good luck winning games with a no-chemistry team. 

               Bruan has also damaged his reputation with players around the league. Skip Schumaker says he is going to take down jersey's of his at his home. He says he doesn't want anything to do with him. Matt Kemp, who came in second in the MVP Race in 2011 to Braun, says he should lose his 2011 MVP. 

                    The fans are also feeling betrayed. They have worn his jersey with pride for years, but for what? Now to find out he's cheated his way to stardom? To find out he cheated his way into their heart?

                     All around the league it hurts. When all the league is hurt, the league is hurt. The MLB has had a been reputation for steroids, and this doesn't make anything better. 

In the end, Ryan Braun screwed himself, and millions of other people. Nice going Braun.