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Carmelo Anthony Will Not Be Going to LA in 2014

    "I doubt it. I know I am going to be here a long time." Carmelo Anthony has officially talked about going to LA in 2014. And thankfully for Knicks fans, he doesn't seem like he wants to go. 

         The Knicks have just added Metta World Peace to their roster, and this could tremendously work for Melo. Metta played with a dominating scorer in LA, and now he's doing the same with Melo. This new trade might have just bought them a trip to the Conference Finals. 

           If this is the case, why would Melo leave? That's where I think Melo is coming from. He is just settling into New York, and and has just made a big improvement in the playoffs (Making it to the second round, and coming 2 wins away from the Conference Finals). 

            For Lakers fans, there's still a chance with Lebron. I think Lebron and Kobe would work great together. Lebron is not a demanding scorer, and could work as the assist man, and an added scorer to LA. I couldn't see Melo  and Kobe (2 demanding scorers) working out together. Seriously, Kobe has played with 2 demanding scorers in his career (Shaq and Dwight), and look how that turned out. 

Good move Melo. Better luck next time LA.