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Where Does Matt Ryan Stand Among NFL QB's?

          Matt Ryan has just recently signed a 5 year contract worth 103. 75 Million Dollars. This is the 5th highest in the league, and show's how much he is worth to the Falcons. 

            Now that he has such a big contract, the question is: Where does he stand among NFL quarterbacks? Is he top 10? Top 5? Top 3!?  


        Well, The Falcons offense truly shows how great Matty Ice was for the Falcons. He led the league in game winning drives, the Falcons were 5th in total touchdowns, and 6th in total yards. In the playoffs, he played great as he rose his averages. He averaged 323 yards per game, 3 touchdowns a game, and only 1 interception a game! Disappointingly, the Seahawks carved up the Falcons defense in the Conference Championship and made it to the Super Bowl. 

However, Matt Ryan still had a great year. 


        His QBR (4th in NFL), completion percentage (1st in NFL), total yards (5th in 2012 season), touchdowns (5th), and game winning drives (1st in NFL) were all top 5 among NFL quarterbacks in the NFL! He came 3 points a way from leading a team to the Super Bowl, and was just great. 

              I believe Matty Ice is a top 5 quarterback in the league, and deserves the contract he has received. That's why I'm disappointed when I see only 22% of America agree's with me. Look at the stats and wins!