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Will the Nets Dominate in their First Season?

         With the block buster signings of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Nets have a fully stacked line up. All of people are immediately crowning them the best team in the NBA. A lot of people's thought process is, "How could you lose with so much talent?"

             Ya, look what happened to the Lakers last season. A ton of talent, but it was all torn down because of too much talent. My main reason for the down fall was the Lakers signing Dwight Howard. Howard is a demanding scorer, who wants the ball. Kobe is a demanding scorer, who wants the ball. When one didn't get their way, they were upset. The Lakers then fell into 7 in the west.

                 Will this situation happen to the Nets? They have a ton of talent (their starting line up has more all-star game appearances, 36, than the Lakers, who had 35 past all-star appearances), and it's their first year. 

                      However, the Nets don't have two players, who want to shoot 20 FGA per game. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez only shot 14 FGA per game last year. Paul Pierce also 14 FGA per game, and Garnett averaged 12 FGA per game. 


                 They're not DEMANDING scorers, but they're scorers. Will they butt heads will other players? Well, I believe Deron Williams will for sure not butt heads. I cannot find one incidence where Williams was a bad teammate last year. Besides, he will be the second youngest starter on the Nets, and is still a great scorer. Brook and him will be the dominant scorers next year, like they were last year. 

                 Joe Johnson will not butt heads, and will even lower his FGA per game average. Since he's joined the Nets, he's let Deron Williams run the show. He will do the same next year.

                  Then comes Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Garnett and Pierce are two veterans, who know how to win a championships. They both know that butting heads will get them no where. Garnett's role is simple for me, set good screens for Williams, shoot when open, and post up occasionally. He then provides a big role on defense. Pierce is a little tricky. Will he be a main scorer this year? I believe no. Pierce will be a great wing player, who can go one on one occasionally. I don't believe Pierce or Garnett will try to become the scorer on the Nets. 

               With that said, I believe the Nets will dominate in 2014. I believe they will grab the 2 or 3 spot in the East, and go far in the playoffs. With no DEMANDING scorers on the team, I believe the Nets chemistry will be fine.