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Notre Dame Will Play in National Championship-According to Kelly

Notre Dame's schedule consists of 12 games, but according to Brian Kelly, there will be one more. This is no Spring Game or pre-season game. This is the National Championship.

Notre Dame keeps a big schedule where all the players can see which has all the regular season games. This season there was a twist. Brian Kelly, the coach of Notre Dame, planted another game on the schedule. He planted a game that said, "January 7, 2014 BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME."

Kelly doesn't care about the loss of Everett Golson, their rising star. He wants and demands that they make the National Championship.

Notre Dame is put at a big disadvantage, with Manti Te'o, and Everett Golson not playing for ND this season. This is a big reason why Notre Dame has dropped to number 11 in the USA Today poll. Obviously, few people think Notre Dame will even make the National Championship.

In my opinion, I have to agree with the majority of America. Their defense will not change, even though they lost Manti Te'o. If you look at the tape, Louis Nix was the reason for the greatness of Manti Te'o. When ND's opponent doubled Nix, Manti went crazy. The main example is the Championship game. Alabama had a great offensive line, so they didn't double Nix. Manti then was stopped (3 solo tackles). Nix and Stephon Tuitt were actually the main causes for their great defense.

Now, this is where everything crumbles. Notre Dame lost their main cause of offense from last season: Everett Golson. Instead, Notre Dame has to deal with Tommy Rees. Rees, in 2011 when he was the starting quarterback, played average. He had 20 TD, but 14 interceptions. He was too slow, too many poor choices, and made the offense average. He cannot do this this year. Champions are not average, and Rees is not where he should be. Rees will slow down the offense, and ruin hopes of a Championship.

I like Kelly's optimism, but in my opinion, its not going to happen.