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Will the Celtics Be Playoff Contenders Next Season?

With the big blockbuster trade with Brooklyn, the Celtics have seemed to have lost more than they have gained. They lost their two best players from the 2008 Championship Team (Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett), and last year lost Ray Allen. Now their "big three" is all gone.

Their big three accounted for 54% of their points in 2012, and Pierce, Garnett, and Terry (Also traded to Brooklyn) accounted for 46% of their points last season. Now, with a bunch of scorers all gone, how will Boston score? Who will they go to?

Brandon Bass can score, but has never had to go one on one very often. Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee have never been more than role players in their career. The newer players the Celtics are getting are not huge scorers. Gerald Wallace only averaged 7 PPG last season, Kris Humphries averaged 6 PPG, Keith Bogans averaged 4 PPG, Marshon Brooks averaged 5 PPG, and Kris Joseph averaged 1 PPG. The only hope is that they can bring back the past (Wallace used to average 18 PPG) or try to score more often (Humphries only averaged 4 FGA per game last season).

This leaves their All-Star point guard, Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, and Jordan Crawford to score. Rondo has never been a big scorer, but will have to raise his FGA this year. Green bloomed as a star late in the season, by averaging 17 PPG between February and April. Finally, Crawford averaged 13 PPG in 2013 before joining Boston. With big names gone, he will be able to score 16 and 17 a game.

When the season comes, I believe Jeff Green will be the main scorer. He is fast and quick at 6'9, 235, and strong enough to beat up in the post. He obviously has the past when he averaged 17 PPG with OKC, and 17 PPG late last season. Now with Pierce and Garnett gone, Green can raise his FGA per game and become the main scorer.

Obviously, their offense will be hurt, but it won't be horrific next season. Their defense, on the other hand, might actually improve. Although they lose Kevin Garnett, they get Kris Humphries. Humphries is quick, at 6'10, and 235 LBS, and is a rebounding genius. In 2010 and 2011, he grabbed 10 and 11 rebounds per game. Garnett's last season with Boston he only averaged 7 rebounds per game. Still, losing Garnett is a big loss on defense.

The guard position will improve on defense. Gerald Wallace is a great defender, who made the all-defensive team in 2010. He will guard big stars like Paul Pierce did last year. Rajon Rondo, of course, is a great defender. The guards positions will thrive on defense.

In the end, I see the Celtics offense being down, and their defense being slightly down. With all this combined, I believe the Celtics will do worse than last year. I believe they will not even make the playoffs and be the 10 or 11 seed in the east.

Sorry Boston