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Notre Dame Week 1 and Season Predictions

           Finally! College football is back in action, and I'm sure everyone's ready to get started again! Well, for the people who don't know, I'm a huge Notre Dame fan. Today, they will be facing the Temple Owls on their home turf. This will not be just a regular game for Notre Dame fans everywhere. 


           Today we find out about Tommy Rees and whether he'll be "Touchdown Tommy" or "Turnover Tommy" this year. Of course, its just one game and he could have an off night, however, i have a feeling Tommy will be at his best today. First game as a senior in front of the home crowd! If he's not ready, he shouldn't be playing football. 

                Tommy, last year, was overshadowed by Notre Dame's rising star: Everett Golson. However, as almost everyone knows, he will not be playing this year due to cheating and copying on a paper. 

                     I see Tommy playing poorly today. He'll be ready, but he won't play well. Tommy hasn't played a game as Notre Dame's main quarterback since 7 about a year ago. Even then, he played okay when he had 1 interception and only 1 touchdown. Last year, his only role was to close games. Now, he has to start and finish this game. 

               I'll also be looking at Notre Dame's great defensive line today. Louis Nix, Stephon Tuit are the leaders of this line and will be looking to cause havoc on Temple's quarterback, Connor Reilly. 

              Louis Nix was a monster last year, and needed to be doubled every single game except in two games. The biggest was against Alabama's steriod line. There, the steroid line used their steroid muscles to beat down Louis Nix. Nix had 50 total tackles last year, and is expected to have more this year. Nix is great and all, but he will not be the main lineman I'm looking at today.

                Right now, I'm going to out on a limb and say it: Stephon Tuit will break Notre Dame records. Tuit was on track to have 13 sacks last season, but a hernia held him back. In the games with the hernia, he had 3 games with no sacks. That means he could of had 15-16 sacks at the end of the season. Hinting this would break Justin Tuck's record of 13.5 sacks in a season (Notre Dame record). 

                   Now, Tuck is faster, stronger, and ready to go. He will destroy Tucks record this year, and he will destroy Connor Reilly. Expect Tuit to go crazy this year. 

                   With Tuit and Rees going at it today, I believe ND will beat Temple. Their defense will be just as great as last year, but their offense will slip this year. Tommy is not Golson, and it will slip. However, I still expect Notre Dame to beat the measly Owls (Seriously!? Whats so scary about an owl? I probably shouldn't be talking though.....) and go 8-4 this year.