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Johnny Manziel Has Not Learned His Lesson

            Everyday I learn to dislike Johnny Football even more. It started just playfully when he beat out Manti for the Heisman. Then it gradually increased as I saw how much of an immature kid he is. 

               On Twitter, he cursed over Texas A&M saying, "Bull____ like tonight is a reason why i can't wait to leave this college station...whenever it may be." 

                 He was sent home early from the Manning Passing Academy for showing up late. Whether this means he was drunk the night before, or he just showed up late this is immature. 

                      Of course, earlier these past few weeks he supposedly sold autographs for money. Many people thought he didn't do it, but now I think I have my answer. 

                        In the past game against Rice, every time Manziel did something positive he would flash the money sign. I've heard people say, "oh no! He's just saying HE'S money!" Ya, maybe last year he was doing that because he is money. But yesterday, I saw it as intentionally mocking the NCAA. If he was thinking or was responsible he wouldn't have done the money sign.

                        Then, twice in the game he pointed to Rice players and said with hand motions: "Scoreboard! I'm not signing autographs for you." It was so obvious, the referees called unsportsmanlike conduct in the 4th quarter. And then, Texas A&M head coach benched him for the rest of the game. 

First he mocks the NCAA and now he's mocking the opponent. Talk about low class. 

  My dislike for Manziel grows everyday.