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Are Manziel's Actions Detrimental To Texas A&M?

First was the terrible off-season, and now this. Johnny Manziel has been having a crazy few months in his life. With every step he makes it reaches national attention. Now, the last game has blown up all over America.

Yesterday verse Rice he made some questionable decisions; but not with the football. He made some questionable decisions with his emotions. Multiple times in yesterdays game he trash talked Rice, and practically made fun of them on multiple occasions.

Rice's LB, Nick Elder, said, "@espn I was the one who Johnny was talking to. He said, 'Whats up Nick, nice hit.' True story."

After them, Manziel was trash talking to two secondary players from Rice. They said something, Johnny fired back, like a normal trash talk. However, I believe Manziel said something very risky. After he said something back, he then pointed towards the scoreboard and said something that had to be very harsh. The refs ran at him, kept him back and of course, threw the flag. Texas A&M's coach lit up Johnny and sat him the rest of the game.

Here's the question: Are Manziel's actions detrimental to A&M?

Lou Holtz says what he did in the game won't affect if they get to the Championship. However, he still says that if he was coach, he would take Manziel by the throat and scream at him.

Mark May says it will have an impact on the National Championship. He believes its a team sport, and someone being as cocky and stupid as Manziel will disrupt the team.

I got to go with Mark May for this one. The best player on a team will always have an impact on the team. Whether its positive or negative, the best player leads by example, and can lead a team in any direction. Manziel is influencing the team to cause havoc and be idiots. Role players will start to feel left out, and rebel against Manziel.

Finally, Johnny's actions will have an affect on A&M's opponents. Manziel might take trash talking off the field and cause other teams to be pumped up, and want to destroy Johnny. Even if he doesn't trash talk to a specific team, the opponent will make it goal to shut him up.

Anyway I look at it, I don't see a positive in this. I don't see his team following him, and having a chip on their shoulder. I see them being frustrated with Manziel and ruining the teams chemistry.

Manziel needs to get his act together.