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Will Jeremy Lin Fit With the Houston Rockets?

           With the blockbuster trades this off-season, multiple teams have sent away or gained players. The Houston Rockets are no different. Possibly, their biggest off-season move, and the NBA's biggest off-season move, sent Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets. 

                  Luckily, Houston maintained their best players including: Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Chandler Parsons, and Omer Asik (However, Asik currently is not happy with Howard joining and wants to be traded away). 

                        The player that I want to focus in on is Jeremy Lin. Lin has been with Houston for only one year, but in that year, has helped Houston win a lot of games. His complete win shares total is 6 games from last year, and is only expected to rise. 

                                 Now that he gets to work with two dominate scorers, Lin will be able to focus on the other sides of his game. First off, he won't feel like he has to score. In 2012, Lin would force the ball into the middle with stupid drives. He would have a turnover, and the other team would get the ball back. He greatly improved last year with his turnovers per game dropping to 2.9. This is still a little too many turnovers for someone only playing 32 minutes a game, but I'll take it with Lin. 

                     Lin will also get to focus on his shooting. Lin shot 34% from 3 last year, and has been working on this all off-season. With Howard posting up and other teams having to double him, Lin will be open on the three point line. 

                   Speaking of Howard, he is a great running center. Last year we didn't see him run as much as before (Partly due to his injury), but we still were able to see him run. Lin loves to get out on fast breaks, and playing along with a movable center like Howard will greatly help him on offense.

                       Finally, Lin will be able to be aggressive on defense. With the two giants (Omer and Howard) in the paint, he can be aggressive, and at times, be able to risk his man to getting past him in the paint. Now, he will be able to be aggressive and steal the ball. We know he's very sneaky, and this will allow him to cause havoc on defense. 

All in all, I see the Rockets being a great team, and Lin fitting perfectly with them.