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Summary of Eagles vs Redskins

With the Eagles facing the Redskins last night, we saw some crazy offense. Chip Kelly's offense was on fire and worked perfectly. They scored 33 points, had 444 Yards, 26 first downs, and 75 number of plays! They dominated the Redskins and was great with the Eagles players.

LeSean Mccoy looked like a new running back as he had 184 yards and 1 touchdown. He made the Redskins look silly with great spins and jukes to his left and right. The fast pace offense helped him have a lot of carries and they out hustled and out ran the Redskins defense.

Michael Vick is the perfect quarterback for the fast pace offense of Chip Kelly. He is the all-time rushing quarterback in NFL history, and ran for 55 yards tonight. His arm looked fine as he threw accurately and strong for 15/25, 203 yards, and 3 touchdowns (1 rushing and 2 passing).

Vick used his dynamic wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, for most of his throws. Jackson had Receptions 7 For 104 Yards and 1 touchdown. It still looks like Jackson will be dynamic this year.

Robert Griffin, on the other sideline, looked awful in the first half as he was erratic and powerless. However, it seems like it was just rust as he played much better in the second half. In the end, he threw for 30/49 and 2 touchdowns (2 interceptions) In the first half, he scared a lot of Redskins fans when he wasn't throwing on his left foot and using power. However, his accuracy improved as the game went on. It seems like it was just rust.

In the end, it was the Eagles that took the victory. The Redskins, like last year, tried to make a comeback, but in the end, the efficient Eagles offense held onto to the win. The biggest thing I took away from this game was the Eagles offense. Kelly's fast pace offense will run teams out of the stadium and help Vick and Mccoy be stars this year.

The Eagles must work on closing out games and making their defense great, like their offense. The Redskins had a bad game and will be fine this season.

If the Eagles avoid injuries and their defense plays well, they will have a great chance of winning/playing in the Super Bowl.