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How Did the Broncos Beat the Giants?

              Manning vs Manning: The third time Peyton has faced his little brother, Eli. In the past years it was Peyton dominating the series, and this year, it was the same result. Peyton is now 3-0 against his little brother, Eli. This game was close until the 4th quarter. 
                Then, the Broncos put the game out of reach. Knowshon Moreno ran for a 25 yard touchdown and put the Broncos up by 8 points. From there, the Broncos picked off Eli, scored off the turnover, and had a punt return for a touchdown that put the game out of reach. It was really this run by the Broncos that won the game, but there were smaller topics to the game that also led the Broncos to a victory. 

                 Maybe the biggest reason was turnovers. Eli had 4 interceptions and the two in the 4th quarter put the game out of the reach. The one before half could've gave the Giants the lead if he hadn't have thrown the pass. The first interception in the fourth quarter led to the Broncos going up by 3 possessions. Finally, the last interception sealed the game and the Broncos cruised to a victory. 

                   Second, the Giants just could not convert a third down. The Giants were 1-10 from 3rd down and this stifled multiple attempts to drive down the field. In the 4th quarter, they only converted 0 3rd downs which left the Broncos with the victory. This also came from being unable to play well from the red zone. 

                      The Giants were poor in the red zone. They had a chance to take a big lead in the first half, but instead were down by 1 because they kicked 3 field goals. The Giants finally scored in the red zone (due to 4 penalties by Denver on the drive), but it was late in the 3rd quarter. After that, the Broncos took over and won the game. 

                        Finally, the Giants were awful in their running game. The Giants had 23 rushing yards in the game and only had 1 rushing touchdown. This left Eli having to pass and often times forcing passes. The Giants need to fix their running game for them to beat great teams.
Now, the Giants play perfect, but you also have to give credit to the Broncos. 

                        The Broncos were great on offense. Peyton was great, of course, as he threw for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Giants were forced to respect the pass, and Knowshon Moreno took advantage. He rushed for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns. All of the all around passing and rushing led to the Broncos having 41 points.

                           On defense, the Broncos were great. Eli threw 4 pics and 1touchdown. The Giants rushing game was stopped by the defensive line of Denver. In the end, the Giants had 23 rushing yards. The Giants were also stingy in the red zone. They forced 3 field goals and kept the game close until Peyton took over. Any way you look at it, Denver was great on defense. 

                           Finally, unlike the Giants, they were able to keep their drives going with 3rd down conversions. The Broncos were 8-15 on 3rd downs and the Broncos were able to keep running and driving. 

                               In the end, Peyton and the Broncos won over his little brother and the Giants. What could be better than a Manning bowl? Oh i know: A MANNING SUPER BOWL.

 I am praying to god this is the super bowl match up.