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The Argument For the Cavs

With the 2015 NBA Finals match up set, everyone is taking their picks. Either the Cleveland Cavaliers led by Lebron James or Golden State led by Stephen Curry. Everyone has an opinion of this years Finals.

Looking at polls on websites and reading different opinions, the overwhelming majority is picking Golden State. Not to mention, many of the people picking Golden State have the Warriors blowing out the Cavs.

I truly don't buy the idea Golden State will sweep the Cavs, and win each game handily. I see a lot of people underrating the Cavs - not necessarily overrating the Warriors.

Let's remember the last time Lebron was playing a better team in the Finals: 2014 Heat vs Spurs

Without a doubt, the 2014 Spurs were a better team led by Duncan, Parker, Kawhi, and Popovich. The Heat had the worn down Wade and Bosh, and Lebron was leading a team with Mario Chalmers as the second best healthy player. However, with a worn down team, Lebron led the Heat to one win on the road, and could've been two (Due to Lebron Cramps).

Now, Lebron has a great team and is facing the Golden State Warriors. Golden State is great, but I would take the legendary Spurs team (Even with older players) over them any day (Not to mention, San Antonio won 2 out of the 3 games this year).

With Lebron taking one game on the road versus the legendary Spurs (Again, almost 2), and now has Kyrie, Shumpert, and JR behind him, the Cavs have a much better shot at the title than last year.

Of course, I still have the Warriors winning the series (The amount of games depending on Kyrie's health), as they are the number one defensive and offensive team in the NBA (Led by MVP Curry). However, the idea of Golden State sweeping the Cavs, or winning in blow out fashion, is ridiculous. The Cavs have the greatest player in the world, a star point guard, and great role players. Mike Miller, who was a key part of the 2013 Heat's championship run, played 5 minutes in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs clearly have great role players, the best player in the world, and a 20 point scoring guard.

Not to mention, the Cavs and Warriors split the season series 1-1. The Warriors pulled away in the 4th quarter back in January, while the Cavs finished in the 4th in February. Each game was close, and each game was played in playoff atmosphere. The Finals will be played in a playoff atmosphere, and once again, the team that finishes the 4th will win the game.

At the end of the day, the Cleveland Cavaliers are a great team with a good shot at winning the title. The idea of the Warriors humiliating Cleveland is laughable. I see the Warriors winning in 6, maybe 7, and each game being played close.