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Is Andrew Bynum Detrimental or Beneficial to the Cavs?

            Last nights Cavs vs Nets game got me bouncing off my walls - and almost killing my dog. Anyways the dog is now fine, and I am very happy about how Cleveland played last night. Not only did Cleveland win, but they also showed their potential as a team. 

            The fact that Cleveland won and Verajo, and Bynum didn't play to their full potential shows that they have even more talent and chemistry than they showed. We saw a small glimpse of great play with Kyrie and Tristan Thompson playing wonderful in the second half, but I cant wait to see how much better they will be with their two big men (Andrew Bynum and Anderson Verajo). 

             In the first half (with Kyrie playing relatively poor) the Cavs were hanging with the Nets and were actually winning by 1 going into the half. In that half, only Tristan Thompson was playing great - not Kyrie, not Verajo, and not Bynum. 

Still the Cavs were beating the star studded Nets with chemistry.

                This gives me hope that the Cavs won't have to rely 100% on Kyrie Irving and Andrew Bynum. However, it also gives me a dark thought of what would happen if Bynum does play more and gets more attention with the ball. What if he doesn't get the ball and he throws a temper tantrum and ruins their chemistry. What if he brings back his hideous hair from a year ago and kills all the Cavs and their fans!? What if he slows down the Cavs running game which was showing in the 3rd quarter:

                     In the 3rd quarter, the Cavs were running up and down the court with steals and great defense. Kyrie was heating up, Jarrett Jack was heating up, and the Cavs were getting the momentum and fans into the game. However, in the 4th quarter, the Nets got back the lead because the game slowed down and they had to play half court offense. 

                      In the 3rd, the Cavs forced 5 turnovers. In the 4th, they only forced 2 turnovers. Finally, the Cavs just started running in the 3rd and outscored Brooklyn by 8 points. In the 4th, both teams played half court vs half court and the Nets almost won!

                      And yes, Bynum barely played in both quarters, but when Bynum is playing, the Cavs will have to slow the game down to get Bynum the ball. This scares me, but there are also hope with Bynum not playing. 

                      Bynum will give the Cavs a bigger defensive present in the paint which will lead to blocks (fast break) and more outside shots (rebounds leading to fast breaks). Look what happened to the Knicks when they got Tyson Chandler - they started running when there was better defense and more blocks. 

                        Another example are the Thunder. The Thunder have Serge Ibaka which leads to blocks (Serge - I block ya) and more rebounds. Now, the Thunder are a fast break team with Reggie Jackson, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook. 

                        This could be the Cavs if they are careful with Andrew Bynum, but it could also be the exact opposite if Bynum doesn't touch the ball (A sequel to, "The Dwightmare!"). 

                         For now, all we can do is watch and see how this Andrew Bynum situation works out. If you want to voice your opinion or if you agree or disagree with something I said, comment in the section below.