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Recap of Spurs Big Win vs Heat

            Last night, right from the tip, Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs dominated the game. The Spurs flew out to an astonishing 15 point lead in the first quarter with the score of 37-22. Not ONCE in the game did the Heat have the lead. 

            It started with the Lebron as he had a poor game last night. Lebron got into early foul trouble, and was not able to lead a comeback because he was not able to play aggressive. Lebron also shot 1-6 in the first quarter for only 2 points, and the Heat were struggling to put the ball in the basket. San Antonio, on the other hand, shot 79% from the floor! They went 7 minutes in the first quarter without missing a shot (7:24-0:29)! 

            Tony Parker led the charge as he scored 10 points in the first quarter and 17 points through the entire game. On the other side of the court, the Heat's guards were really struggling. Mario Chalmers shot 2-7 with 5 points and 4 turnovers, and Norris Cole shot 0-4 with 0 points. 

               The guards inability to score and attack the basket hurt the Heat's 3 point shooters. The Heat shot a mediocre 30% from the three, and Ray Allen's and Shane Battier's struggles continue (Combined shot 25% from three). 

               While the Spurs weren't great from 3, they were definitely better than the Heat. They shot 39% from three and Patty Mills gave a surprise performance, as he hit two three pointers in a row to stretch the lead to 21 points in the 4th quarter. 

               As the game went on, the Spurs leadership and veteran squad shadowed over the Heat's athleticism. The Spurs never gave the lead up the Heat and only let the game come within 7 points. This was led by the momentum they achieved in the first quarter (When they practically NEVER missed), and the great defense Gregg Popovich implored on Lebron. Lebron ended shooting 6-18 with 19 points, and Lebron didn't help his cause as he had 4 fouls early in the 3rd quarter. 

               Finally, the Heat were never able to comeback for many reasons. Lebron didn't play well, his fouls forced him to play careful and not aggressive, Chalmers and Cole played poorly, and all the frustration built up in the 4th quarter. The Heat had ELEVEN turnovers in the 4th quarter! No one could touch the ball without the refs blowing the whistle. 

               Wade and Chalmers got so frustrated on one call from the ref (Chalmers pushed Kawhi Leonard going for a loose ball, and the referee called a push on Chalmers) that both got technical's. In the end, this game was complete dominance from the San Antonio Spurs. 

            The game last night was big for the Spurs confidence as they showed they can beat the best teams in the league. Earlier this season in January, the Spurs were 1-10 versus the top teams in the league. In the month of February and now March, the Spurs are 3-0 (Portland, Clippers, and Miami). In the playoffs it will be a lot tougher for the Spurs, as every series will be difficult (Since they're in the west). They will have to beat great teams every night. But for now, this is a great win for the Spurs and very disappointing loss for Miami.