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The Recent Slump of Jeremy Lin

         Two nights ago, the Houston Rockets beat the Miami Heat by the score of 106-103. Dwight Howard dominated the Heat in the post, and was moving the ball around when double teamed. With this as the offensive approach, James Harden had 21 points, Patrick Beverly scored 19, and Chandler Parsons had 10. 

         The one player that disappointed me was Jeremy Lin. He didn't play much, he didn't score, he didn't shoot well, and I expected more of Lin. I was interested in his poor performance, and wondered if this was just an off-night. Then, I watched the Rockets beat the Magic, and again, Jeremy Lin struggled. He played only 15 minutes, shot 1-4, 2 points, and managed to cough the ball up twice. I thought he was just going through a little rough patch. However, when I saw his recent statistics, I was very surprised. 

          Lin is averaging 9 points per game, 3 turnovers, and 38% shooting from the field in February and now March. He was averaging 12 PPG, 45% shooting from the field, and 2 turnovers per game earlier in the season, however, his numbers have dipped with his minutes. 

          The Rockets dropped Lin out of the starting line up earlier this season, and it seems to have hurt Lin's play, and help the Rockets. Lin was averaging great stats for a sixth man (15 PPG, 5 APG, 49% FG%, 37% 3P% in December), but his numbers have dropped more of late and seems to be in a slump. 

            The Rockets organization and fan base expects him to thrive in the role, as he is free to play his game with the second unit. He has great big men to play pick and roll with, but nothing seems to be working. 

             I am worried about Lin as he has dropped off in number the past two and half months, and is obviously not getting better. The worst part about the situation is the Rockets are doing better without Lin! They have improved to 19-6 since Lin's slump started, and seem to play better with Patrick Beverly! I hope Kevin McHale and the coaching staff finds a way to snap him out of the slump, or else, Jeremy Lin might be on the trading block again this year. 

Be prepared for "Linsanity: Part 2!"