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Heat and Wizards Are Going Down to the Wire

The Miami Heat are on a 3 game losing streak which is raising some eyebrows in the NBA World. They have played terrible on offense and defense, and nothing is working for them. However, right now, the Miami Heat have a chance to change the momentum in their favor with a big win versus the Wizards. 

Miami blew the game open in the first quarter, played okay in the 2nd quarter, and gave away the lead in the third quarter. Now, Miami is slightly ahead, but the lead could change while I am typing this article. 

Lebron has broken out of his slump and has 21 points (9-14 from field), 6 assists, and 7 rebounds. The Heat's three point shooters are making their shots as they are 9 for 18 from three. The Heat have also been able to contain John Wall as he is 2-7 with only 7 points. 

Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole's slump is continuing as they are a combined 0-10 with 0 points. The game is on League Pass, and you can listen to the game on the NBA Gametime app.