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Patrick Beverley Is a Dirty Player

            Last night, Patrick Beverley made me sick. Russell Westbrook walked up to the Thunder bench trying to call a timeout, but Patrick Beverley went after Westbrook and tried to steal the ball. The way this sounds, it does't really sound dirty. However, when you think back to the playoff series between the Rockets and Thunder, it becomes really dirty. 

              Last year, Russell Westbrook was doing the same thing. He walked up to the bench and was about to call a time out. However, at the last second Patrick Beverley went in for the steal, but ended up destroying Russell Westbrook's knee. 

                The fact that Beverley tried the same thing, especially after ruining Russell Westbrook's knee, makes me frustrated. No clean player would do something that tricky again, after injuring a player the same way. 

              Last night, I wondered if Beverley was really a dirty player. I looked him up on Google, and I was surprised by the results. Not only is Russell Westbrook feuding with him, but Damian Lillard too. Lillard is "fed up" with Patrick Beverley after a little scuffle and Beverley fouling Wesley Matthews hard. Lillard says, "That's Beverley - always pushing the line between pesky and dirty." 

              After these three incidents, I am convinced Beverley is a dirty player. Westbrook and Lillard don't talk, and are usually calm headed. To see them speak out like this, shows the evidence of Beverley being dirty. 

I am really going to watch Beverley in between plays for the rest of the year.