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Could Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony Win Together?

    Recently, Lebron James said he would consider looking at the Knicks since Phil Jackson has just joined the Knicks front office. Of course, there is not guarantee that Lebron will come to New York, or even talk to New York. However, I feel very giddy and I want to get ahead of myself right now. 

    Assuming the Knicks somehow find a way to get Lebron and keep Melo (I'm not great with money, so I do not know how they would work the financial side of the equation), the question will eventually arise:

Can Melo and Lebron play together?

    Both are good friends, came out of the same draft, and have tremendous respect for each other. However, everything can change when two different playing styles try to work together. 

    Both players have tried blending playing styles, but have had two different results. When Carmelo first came to NY, his playing style did not mesh with Amare. There were no fights, but nothing ever.....clicked. When Lebron came to Miami, Dwyane Wade and Lebron immediately clicked and played great together. Of course, there are some major factors in these results (Talent, defense, pride), but hopefully the point has been made. 

So, with the different results, one of two things could happen:

  • Lebron makes Carmelo play in a more team centered offense (And not such a one on one offense)
  • Carmelo forces Lebron to play a one on one offense

  Either way, the teams would be great, but I think everyone knows that teamwork would have more success. Lebron and Melo have great one on one skills, but if they can incorporate their talent into a offense with WIDE OPEN looks at the basket, they will be unstoppable. 

   Overall, these two could definitely play together. Lebron is not a player who needs to take 20 shots. He can play as a major role player and still average 25 PPG. Carmelo is a player who needs to take 20 shots a game. Unless Lebron and Phil Jackson can change Melo's mind, Carmelo might be the number one scoring option on offense, and Lebron be the number one fast break scorer and defender. Overall, I wouldn't have a problem with this offense and strategy. Either way, I don't see Melo and Lebron losing while playing together. 

Could Lebron and Carmelo win together: Yes 

Could the Knicks manage the money to have both in New York: I have no clue