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Can Doug McDermott Lead Creighton to the Championship?

   Doug Mcdermott must have had a crazy week. McDermott started with being compared to Larry Bird and ended with a loss in the Big East Championship. Now, he has to go into the NCAA Tournament and try to lead Creighton far into the Tournament. A lot of pressure is on his shoulders to lead Creighton far in the tournament, and possibly into the final four.

     McDermott says the Big East Championship loss is the last loss of his college career - Meaning he plans to win the NCAA Championship. McDermott definitely has talent as he averages 27 PPG and 7 TRB, but can he really lead his team past great teams filled with MULTIPLE great to very good players?

     When I look back in history, at the greatest college basketball players in history, I see that no great player ever led his team by himself. Kareem Abdul Jabbar had 2 players scoring in double figures, Bill Walton had Jamaal Wilkes, Larry Bird had Carl Nicks (20 PPG), and Magic had Gregory Kelser (18 PPG).

Who does McDermott have?

      Ethan Wragge, the only player on Creighton scoring in double figures. He is averaging 10 PPG and is the next best player on Creighton. Wragge is no where near the caliber of Jamaal Wilkes, Carl Nicks, or Gregory Kelser. McDermott is basically left with nothing. Although the Senior class has achieved a ton for Creighton, it is no match, and not enough talent to surround Doug McDermott.

      In the Big East Championship Game, we saw what happens when McDermott has to play one on five for most of the game. Besides McDermott, Creighton shot 36% from the floor, and the starters were especially poor (20% from the floor). McDermott is great, but if he or the rest of the team has one bad night, their season is over.

      In the end, McDermott is great, but it takes one bad night in the NCAA Tournament to lose it all. I don't see McDermott or his teammates playing perfect throughout the entire tournament.