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The First Upset of March Madness!

        Well that didn't take long! The NCAA has already had it's first upset of the year, as number 11 Dayton has knocked off Aaron Craft and 6 seeded Ohio State. It seemed that Ohio State would be able to hold off Dayton in the second half, as Aaron Craft was playing the role of hero again.

        Aaron Craft had scored or assisted for every scoring possession of Ohio State starting with 3:32 left in the second half. Craft made a lay up to put OSU up by 1 (3:32), hit an and-one free throw to tie the game (2:07), assisted Sam Thompson to put OSU up by 2 (0:59), and made one final lay up to put OSU up by 1 again (0:17). 

         However, with 6 seconds, Dayton senior, Vee Sanford made a running floater to put Dayton up by 1. Aaron Craft still did not give up. He took the ball, ran up court, and shot an open running jumper, but the ball barely rimmed out. OSU looked for a foul, as Aaron Craft was left on the floor, but the refs called nothing, and Dayton walked away with the win. 

       Unfortunately for OSU fans, Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr are seniors and will not be returning next year. This will be a huge blow for Ohio State, as Aaron Craft has been the unquestioned leader for OSU. 

        The good news for OSU? Their leading scorer, LaQuinton Ross is only a junior and has high hopes for senior year. 

        In the end, Dayton will be moving on for a chance to make another upset against the 3 seed, Syracuse. 

Did anyone see this coming?