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Not the Greatest Day for Ohio College Basketball Fans

         If you are from Ohio, and you are not a Dayton Flyers fan, this was not a fun day. Two upsets have already occurred in the college basketball world today, and both upsets have come against two Ohio college basketball teams. 6th seeded Ohio State and 5th seeded Cincinnati have now fallen in the March Madness Tournament. 

        Of course, anyone would be upset that their favorite teams are out of the Tournament on the first day, but its even more upsetting to know your favorite team has 5 seniors leaving. 

        For Cincinnati, they have 3 starters leaving college, and 5 total seniors. Their three leading scorers, Sean Kilpatrick, Justin Jackson, and Titus Rubles are all seniors, and Cincinnati will have to start from scratch. Next year, Nick Cronin will have a big challenge ahead as he has to face rebuilding. 

        Ohio State is a lot more lucky than Cincinnati, as they are only losing 2 seniors. However, the two seniors leaving are two of the three leading scorers on the team. Aaron Craft, who averages 10 PPG, and Lenzelle Smith Jr, who averages 12 PPG, are seniors and will have to move on. However, the good news for Ohio State fans is the fact that their leading scorer, LaQuinton Ross will be returning. Ross is averaging 16 PPG and is bound to have a great year next year (If he doesn't leave for the draft). Still, losing two great seniors is a blow for any team. 

        In the end, the two best chances of Ohio college basketball teams making the Final Four are now out. To make it worse, many great seniors are leaving and both will have to start rebuilding. On the bright side, Dayton has a chance to upset Syracuse on March 22nd.