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VCU Bonehead Play Leads to Upset Against Stephen F Austin

     Wow. With only seconds left in regulation, Virginia Commonwealth was up by 4 points and seemed to have the game won. However, Desmond Haymon had something to say, as he did not want to go out senior year against VCU. 

     Haymon, a senior at Stephen F. Austin, stepped up and hit a three pointer to put Stephen F. Austin only down by 1 to VCU. However, there was a plot twist. Not only did he hit a three point jumper, but he was fouled after the shot. 

     Stephen F. Austin had gone from a 4 point deficit, to a chance to tie the game in five seconds. Desmond Haymon stepped up to the free throw line, and knocked down his free throw. 

     VCU and Stephen F. Austin headed to overtime. In overtime, VCU jumped out to an early lead with a three point shot by Jordan Burgess, but lost the lead on two empty possessions. However, props to VCU, they did not give up. VCU came back and hit another three. This time, Treveon Graham stepped up and hit the important three. 

      VCU seemed to have the game under control, but then Stephen F. Austin hit right back. Desmond Haymon, AGAIN, hit a three point jumper to put Stephen F. Austin by one with two minutes left in the game. 

     After Desmond's three pointer in OT, the wind was knocked out of VCU. JeQuan Lewis was able to make a lay up, but they were not able to score on their last two possessions. 

      Is it not ironic that VCU was the Cinderella story a couple years ago, and now they are the ones facing the upset?