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Kansas Shooting Struggles Leads to Upset Versus Stanford

  Well, I did not see that coming. Kansas walked into this game with seemingly perfect match ups versus Stanford. Stanford's mediocre defense and offense versus Kansas' great offense and pressuring defense seemed to be a great match up for Kansas. 

 Unlike other upsets (Duke vs Mercer for example), Stanford had no advantages that stood out. Stanford's mediocre defense (101st best in Nation) and average offense (75th in nation), was set up for disaster versus Kansas. 

  The only way Stanford could win was if Kansas had the worst shooting performance of the season. And guess what, this is exactly what happened. 

   Kansas shot 30% from the field and missed open shot after open shot. Kansas was able to break Stanford's defense, but when they shot the ball, it seemed to ALWAYS rim out.

   Kansas had 4 players scoring 10+ PPG during the season, but today, one player scored above ten PPG (Tarik Black with 18 points). Tarik was the only Kansas athlete able to score, but fouled out with 5:25 left in the game. 

   When he went out of the game, Stanford's experience was able to hold off Kansas and their terrible shooting. When Black left the game, Stanford went on a 10-4 run and put the game out of reach. 

    Andrew Wiggins and Perry Ellis had their worst shooting performances of the season, as they shot 4-16 from the field and scored a total of 13 points (Wiggins was 1-6 for 4 points)

   Give Stanford credit for their experience finishing off the game, and the coaching job for putting a 1-3-1 defense for Kansas (Kansas is 187th best 3P shooting team in the natoin), but Kansas' terrible shooting performance was the main reason for Andrew Wiggins and Kansas being upset by the Stanford Cardinals.