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Will Dayton Continue Their Cinderella Story?

     Well, with all the upsets this Tournament, Dayton might be the biggest and only Cinderella story left going into the Elite Eight. The Flyers are an eleven seed, and have blown through, and beat the 6 seed, 3 seed, and 10 seed. The Flyers did not care that all those teams were more talented, or had a past history of being great. The Flyers just went out there and played basketball. 

    The Flyers were able to win versus Ohio State by sticking with OSU the entire game. They went into half time with a 3 point lead, and finished off the game with a game winning floater by Vee Sanford. 

      OSU had 10 steals - Dayton had 10. OSU had 28 rebounds - Dayton had 28. OSU had 12 assists - Dayton had 12 assists. OSU had 3 three pointers - Dayton had 3. OSU had 59 points - Dayton had 60. Dayton was able to make one more play, than OSU and advance to play Syracuse. 

     Unlike the OSU game, Dayton actually outplayed Syracuse. Dayton out rebounded Syracuse, shot much better from the field and from three, and played more as a team. Dayton walked out with 12 assists as a team, while Syracuse had 4. Dayton played much more as a team, and refused to lose. Again, Dayton was able to make one more play than Syracuse. 

    After Syracuse, Dayton was off to face Stanford. In the Sweet Sixteen match up, Dayton proved they were the better team right from the start. Dayton jumped out to a 10 point lead at half, and was able to hold Stanford from making big plays. Dayton played the game as a team, and again, looked hungry for the win. 

   Dayton ended with 19 team assists, a much better team FG% and 3P%, and again, held off a late game push from Stanford. 

    Now, Dayton is in the Elite Eight. The Flyers will be facing off against the Florida Gators, who seem to be the better team. 

    Florida has the 3rd best defense in the NCAA, are top 50 in assists, rebounds, and points, and start 4 seniors. Dayton has the 95th best defense in the NCAA, are top 50 in assists and rebounds, and only start 2 seniors. 

    The only way Dayton wins this game, is if they play the same way they played versus Ohio State. Ohio State was the better team, but Dayton kept the game close (Had a halftime lead!) and hung around with them the entire game. When the game came down to the wire, the Flyers were able to make one more play than Craft and the Buckeyes. 

    Now, the Gators seem to be the better team with better defense, and more experience. However, Dayton does not have disadvantages with match ups, which can let them at least stick around with Florida. The only question will be whether or not Florida can break the game open, and put the game out of reach. 

     What do you think? Will Dayton continue their Cinderella story? Will Florida put a stop to the Flyer's run this Tournament? Comment in the section below.