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JR Smith Breaks Knicks Record!

    The Miami Heat were able to defeat the New York Knicks today, as Lebron was a monster (38 points), and the Heat were able to respond to every Knicks challenge. 

     Although the Knicks lost, and their playoff chances are greatly lowered, there was some smiles as JR Smith broke a New York Knicks record. Smith had 32 points, and 30 points came off of three pointers. Smith was able to make 10 three pointers for the Knicks (5 in the fourth quarter), and continue his recent hot streak. 

     Since the start of April, Smith has averaged 29 PPG, 24 total three pointers, shoot 48% from three, and shoot 51% from the field. Today, his great play reached a peak, and broke a Knicks record, and NBA record (Most three point shots attempted in game - 22). 

     Although the Heat and Knicks game was largely disappointing, it is always great to point out the positives in life. Today, Smith's three point shooting was the small positive in the Heat and Knicks game.