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Can John Calipari Turn the Lakers Around?

     With Rex Chapman tweeting a very controversial statement last night, John Calipari's future reached social media and the NBA. Calipari was in the middle of trying to win the National Championship, but yet, his future was being discussed just as much as the present situation! 

     Rex had said Calipari heading to LA was a "Done deal," but Calipari denied all reports! Rex Chapman continued to side by his story, and Calipari continued to deny the report and would "not even dignify such possibilities." Well, I am not in the position to decide whether or not he is going to LA, or staying at UK.

However, I do wonder what could happen if Calipari heads down to LA. 

     Well, first off, John Calipari is obviously no stranger to coaching popular, and large franchises. He has coached Kentucky for many years, which is possibly the most talked about, and gossipy college in the entire NCAA. 

      With all the news revolving around UK, they are able to easily grab recruits (Maybe...just maybe...with some help from some money). In LA, Calipari wouldn't have to worry nearly as much when recruiting players. LA is LA, and players want to play in LA. Not to mention, the countless amount of money the Lakers franchise possesses. 

      With all these recruits coming into LA/UK, both teams are routinely known for winning Championships. Calipari would not have to get used to the pressure of LA, or winning the Championships. Give John credit: He's a great competitor, and a winner. 

      Second, in Kentucky, the players have constantly raved about Calipari, and how great of coach he really is:

"He treated all his players, like sons." - Brandon Knight

"I've had guys, like Calipari, who taught me how to be a man." - Julius Randle

"We just went out there, and started playing for each other." - Aaron Harrison

    Just ask any former star of Kentucky - All of them give most of the credit in college to John Calipari. Look at the 2014 Kentucky year! He led 5 freshmen to the National Championship and came 7 points away from winning. Few coaches can lead 5 freshmen to play as a team, and not for themselves. 

    Calipari, also, already has had some NBA experience. He coached the New Jersey Nets for 2.5 years starting in 1996, and actually greatly improved their team. 

     He came into New Jersey with a team that had a previous record of 30-52, but led the Nets to a 43-39 record in 1998. Calipari was able to improve their record by 13 games, and lead them to the 5th best offense in the league. 

    In the end, if Calipari heads to LA, he brings even more recruiting chances to LA (Like living in Los Angeles was not enough). John has multiple connections in the NBA (Lebron, for one), and if he heads to California, he brings stars and great players to the Lakers (Lebron and Kobe playing together.....). Not to mention, the Lakers have draft picks, where Calipari could use his "one-done" experience on the new rookies. 

     Overall, there are many arguments against Calipari being a great coach for LA. However, I do believe there are just as many arguments for Calipari heading to LA, and turning around the Lakers. 

     What do you think? Would Calipari turn around the Lakers? Comment in the section below to voice your opinion.