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Mavericks and Spurs Preview

       The NBA has a Texas Showdown in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs. The 1st seeded San Antonio Spurs will be facing off against the 8th seeded Dallas Mavericks for a chance to advance to the next round. 

       The San Antonio Spurs walk in with giant momentum, as they are 4-0 against the Mavericks this year. The Spurs won the 4 games by a combined 36 points and dominated all the games. 

        In the four games, no one player ever played amazing or great. Everyone played right along to their normal averages. Even the teams were averaging their usual stats. 

        In the four games, the Spurs controlled the entire game, while Dallas did not push their play to contend with San Antonio. In the playoffs, Dallas will have to raise their play in some way. Whether that means shooting great from three, field goal efficiency, Monta Ellis playing above his stats, or anything. The Mavericks just need to play with more intensity, and not let the Spurs control them. 

         The Spurs, on the other hand, need to continue to play the same from the regular season. San Antonio was able to contain the entire Mavericks team, and their better team play won the games. With experience and great coaching, I see the Spurs breezing past the first round and defeating the Dallas Mavericks. 

Winner: Spurs

Keys to game:

  • Can the Mavericks raise their play? - Don't let the Spurs control them 
  • Can Mavericks make clutch plays?
  • Experience and coaching from San Antonio 
  • San Antonio's consistent play