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NBA Playoffs: Heat vs Bobcats Preview

      The Charlotte Bobcats and Miami Heat will be matched up in the first round of the Eastern Conference. The Heat walk in with confidence and momentum, as the Heat have dominated the Bobcats this year. The Miami Heat are 4-0 against Charlotte coming into the playoffs, and look to make it 8-0. 

      In order for the Heat to sweep the series, or just win the series, they will have to be able to stop big Al Jefferson in the paint. Everyone knows the Heat's biggest weakness is size, and Jefferson can really use this to his advantage. Al is averaging 25 PPG and 15 TRB per game against Miami this year, and the Heat have not found a way to stop him. If Jefferson has a big game, the Heat will have some trouble, and the game will most likely be close near the end. 

       Going along with Jefferson, the Bobcats will need to beat up the Heat in the paint. In the closest game of the Bobcats and Heat, the Bobcats were able to out rebound Miami. In the losses to Miami, Charlotte was out rebounded by 12 total rebounds. The Bobcats main advantage is in the paint, and that is the biggest chance of them winning. 

       For Miami, they just need to play the game they have been playing all year: Force turnovers, play small, Lebron play like a monster, and make three's. Overall, the Heat have won the four games by a combined 42 points. I don't think the Heat have anything to worry about. Besides, when I look at the history, I see the Heat not messing around in the first round:

2011 First round: Heat 4-1 over 76ers

2012 First round: Heat 4-1 over Knicks

2013 First round: Heat 4-0 over Bucks

In the end, the Heat will advance to the second round of the playoffs pretty easily. 

Winner: Heat

Keys to Series:

  • Al Jefferson - Can he take advantage of Heat's big men?
  • Battle in the Paint - Can the Bobcats beat up on Miami in the paint and on the boards?
  • Miami Heat play like the Miami Heat - The Heat just need to play their game