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DO NOT Compare Jordan's Flu Game to Lebron's Cramps!

   Game one of the NBA Finals is over, and after the game, there was an uproar of people discussing Lebron's cramps late in the 4th quarter. "Kobe would have pushed through," "Lebron has no mental toughness, Jordan would have played through and won the game." 

   First off, let me say that the Heat losing was not a direct reason from Lebron's cramps. Yes, it played a role in the game, but the Heat's surrounding cast of future HOF's (Wade, Bosh, Allen) wilted under the pressure. On the other side, it was the Spurs unbelievable shooting (14/16 from the field) that led them to the game one win. 

    Second, has anyone been through cramps? Cramps as painful and as inevitable as Lebron's? Any cramp is unbelievably painful, but to have to play in the biggest moment in basketball across the world would only amplify the pain. 

    Finally, a cramp does not only put someone through muscle pains. A cramp is defined as, "a painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain....restriction or inhibit the development of." The last sentence, "restriction or inhibit the development of," is a major part in cramps. At times, it is literally impossible to mobilize! 

   Lebron not being able to walk up the court is not a lack of strength, it is a complicated health issue! Could Lebron have done better in preventing the cramp? Yes, but when he got the cramps, it is nearly impossible to walk - not to mention playing in the NBA Finals. 

Yes, the "#Lebroning" and photo shopping of Lebron and Wade can be quite funny, 

but for the people who are actually ripping on Lebron:

Grow up