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Linsanity: Part Two?

   The Rockets off-season is going to be interesting. The Houston Rockets are coming off of a round one loss in the playoffs in five games. Although they lost to an up and coming Blazers team, they were disappointed in not going farther in the playoffs. 

   With that being said, the Rockets look to make some moves in the off-season. Starting with Chandler Parsons, a great role player for the Houston Rockets, he is expected to decline a deal, which would put a whole in the Rockets line up. If that does occur, the Rockets are going to be looking to deal for a new small forward. 

    With Patrick Beverly playing great to his standards last year, and making an all defensive team, the Rockets will most likely not trade him. This leaves Jeremy Lin standing, and he could be a valuable trade option for the Rockets. 

   On the other side, if Chandler Parsons does decide to accept his deal, the Rockets will need to make room on their team. The best way to keep Parson's would be to trade away Lin and then take a rough patch in the cap. 

    However, this provides another problem for the Rockets - Lin is under a heavy contract of 15 million dollars next year, and for this reason, it would be very hard to trade him. 

   With all the different aspects of the Rockets and their problems, expect an interesting off-season for Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets. 

Linsanity: Part Two!