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Who Has More Pressure to Win the Title: Lebron or Duncan?

     The NBA Finals have begun, and a major question circling the sports world is between Lebron James and Tim Duncan. The question arising: Would the NBA Championship mean more to Lebron or to Duncan? Or in other words, who has more pressure to win the title? 

      Well, starting off in the defense of Duncan, he is nearing the end of his career. He is 38 years old, approaching his 17th season in the NBA, and wants to go out on a win. No one wants to leave on a loss, and nothing would be more sweet than leaving on an NBA Championship. Even I, who is a Mavericks fan and has despised the Spurs for years, wants to see Duncan have a happy end. 

      The other side of Duncan is his ownership of a 5th title. A fifth title would mean the world to Duncan, as he could five rings on one finger, and be tied with Magic and Kobe for amount of titles (At the time, no one wants to debate who is more valuable between Magic, Kobe, and Duncan, but I could definitely see the question arising). A poll was once taken by the NBA to see how many rings a player would dream to have. The most voted for answer was 10, because players want a ring for every finger. Although it is not ten, having 5 rings on 5 fingers just feels, and sounds right. 

      Overall, the case for Duncan is this title might be his last chance to grab one more. It is unbelievably difficult to just get to the Finals, and with his age, it must be that much more painful and challenging to go all the way. However, that's what I thought last year, and here he is back again. 

      The case for Lebron is all about comparing him to great players. Lebron is going for a three-peat, a feat that has only been reached by George Mikan, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant - All players he will be compared/debated who is greater in his future. With a three-peat he will have a lot more credentials to convince people he is greater than Kobe and Jordan (Of course, the haters will all say: "Jordan had TWO three-peats, and Kobe won another two in a row!"). Lebron continually says he does not care what people think, but the thought has to be in the back of his mind. 

    Finally, if Lebron loses this Finals, he will have an NBA Finals record of 2-3. Jordan will always have a greater Finals win percentage (100%), but a 2-3 record is below average and not good enough for someone deemed "The Chosen One."

      Overall, as I see it, Duncan has pressure to end his great career with a great season, while Lebron has pressure to prove he is one of the greatest players of all time. Duncan has already proved this to us all (And I believe Lebron has too, but some people don't think so), and we just want to see a happy ending. At the end of the day, Lebron has much more pressure to win these Finals, and the better question might actually be: Who was more pressure: Lebron or POPOVICH?