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Lebron James Takes Over As the Heat Win Game Two

      After NBA Finals Game one, everyone's eyes were looking towards Lebron. The doctors said he would be 100%, he would be 100%, but today he said he felt weird. Well, coming into the game, he wasn't making his normal shots. Lebron started 0-3 in the first 7 minutes, and was not looking good. The only positive part of his game was his mindset. Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Chalmers were taking the ball to the basket with reckless abandon. 

    They were taking no jump shots, and their aggressive nature broke down the Spurs defense. Rashard Lewis got open for a couple of three's and had 6 points in the first quarter. Overall, the Heat (47% from floor, only 5 assists, and 6 turnovers) and Lebron did not have a great start, but their mindset was perfect. 

    On the other end, the Spurs were playing great and moving the ball. The fourth quarter in game one had carried right over into game 2. The Spurs had 9 assists in the fourth quarter, shooting 58%  from the field. Duncan was a major factor in the beginning, just like game one, as he shot 5/6 from the field, threw down a monster put back dunk, and finished the quarter with 11 points. 

   At the end of the quarter, the Spurs had held the Heat to only 4 points (In last 5 minutes), and the Spurs were passing the ball, making shots, and finished the quarter strong with a 26-19 lead. 

  In the beginning of the second quarter, the Heat continued their offensive struggles with 3 straight turnovers. On the other end, the Spurs continued to move the ball, getting open looks and knocking down 2 of their first five shots. Dwyane Wade was frustrated to the extent where he threw up his hands in despair and looked to Erik Spoelstra for help. 

    Spoelstra and the Heat soon came back, however, with a 9-0 run after going down 30-19. On the Spurs offense, they went three and a half minutes with no points, as the Heat clamped down on defense (Spurs started 10-15, but then went 4-15 from field). The poor offense was a mix of missing open looks, and then the Heat forcing tough shots. The mixture led to the Heat running on the break, as the Heat got 6 straight easy points on the fast break. Finally, the Heat were getting good looks at the basket, while the Spurs were struggling to make a basket. Just like that, one bad run by the Spurs, and the Heat were back in the game. 

   To help the Heat, the refs seemed to start calling more fouls for the Heat. Most were good calls, but the iffy calls were all falling for the Heat. "Ref you suck" was filling the At&t Center. 

     Finally, with a mixture of Spurs missing open looks, turnovers, poor shots, Lebron waking up (4-5 from field, 11 points in 2nd quarter), and a little help from the refs, the Heat gained the lead with 5:07 left in the second. 

      Lebron had made the put back lay up to take the lead, but a couple seconds later, Spoelstra took him out to give him a rest - A mistake. 

      The Spurs came back with a 8-2 run with the Spurs hitting shots again (Tony Parker with 4 points on run, 12 points at half), but more importantly, the Heat hit a rough streak on offense. The ball was not moving on offense, Bosh and Wade did not step up, and the Heat 2 minutes with no field goals. 

     From this point, Spoelstra realized Lebron needed to get back in the game. Lebron came back with 3 minutes to go in the 2nd, and the Heat ended the game with a 7-2 run. It's as if the Heat cannot play good, efficient basketball without Lebron! As soon as Lebron steps on the court, his teammates start knocking down shots, of course, he makes shots (13 points in first half), and the Heat play like a Championship team (Chris Bosh with 10 points in first half - All coming while Lebron was on floor). 

     In fact, the dunk of the game, from Chris Bosh, came 5 seconds after Lebron entered the game. He had nothing to do with the dunk, but his presence just seems to comfort the Heat. 

    The Heat's end to the second quarter led to a 43-43 tie going into halftime, and since the Heat's 11 point deficit, the Spurs shot 5-18 from the floor (With 3 of the 5 makes coming while Lebron was on the bench). 

    However, the only time the Heat were playing great was when Lebron was in the game with the starting five. The question at halftime was, "Can the Heat win with only 5 players?" "Can the Heat win with Lebron playing as much as he does?"

Going into the halftime, the Heat had game momentum, but logic was sticking with the Spurs. 

    In the third quarter, the entire beginning was back and forth. In the first three minutes of the third, the Spurs scored, then the Heat, then the Spurs, then the Heat, and then the Spurs, and then the Heat. Danny Green would hit a three, but Lebron would come right back with a jumper. Parker would make a lay up, but then Chalmers would make a lay up. Everything was back and forth, and it was the perfect set up for the closing stretch. 

    For the first 6 minutes of the third, the lead never strayed from one possession, and each team was trying to get the other to crack. 

    The Spurs got the biggest lead of the third with a six point lead at the 6 minute mark, but lost it in an instant. Lebron came right back at the Spurs, when he realized Boris Diaw was guarding him, and knocked down five straight jumpers (Two as a three pointers). Since the first quarter and into the third, Lebron shot 10 for 13 from the field! Lebron had stepped up, taken over the game, and killed the momentum within the Spurs fans (14 points in third quarter!). 

    Still, Lebron was only able to stretch the lead to 5 points with the Spurs offense still rocking and rolling. Patty Mills was the main reason the Spurs still were in the game, and eventually took the lead at the end, as he hit three huge three pointers. His energy got the Spurs going, and the Spurs took the third quarter, which was a quarter of 10 lead changes, with a 78-77 lead. 

   The beginning of the fourth quarter started off with a bang, as Chris Bosh had his second posterizing jam of the night. From there, the Spurs and Heat continued their physical game as both teams shot a combined 3-11 in the inception of the fourth. 

    However, soon after the poor beginning, the Heat and Spurs fell out of their slump. Manu hit a ridiculous finger roll, Danny Green hit a terrible three pointer (That somehow went in), and Lebron hit a jumper over Kawhi Leonard. The third quarter had came right back into the fourth, and the back and forth game resumed. The Heat had Lebron and the Spurs had offensive efficiency. The main question was, again, "Can Lebron and the Big Three lead the Heat to a win alone?" 

    Then, with 6:43 to go in the game, Mario Chalmers hit Tony Parker with a cheap shot right in the rib. Parker was fine after, but the flagrant gave Parker two free throws and on the later possession, Duncan had two free throws. What was the result on all four? 


     The Spurs had a chance to stretch the lead to 6 points, but did nothing and Lebron hit a tough three on the next possession. The Spurs had given up a 7 point swing with their fault in not making free throws and taking care of the lead. 

     However, as we all know, the Spurs aren't a team to give up after a tough streak. Even with Lebron stretching the lead to 3 points in the fourth, the Spurs managed to hit a three to tie the game again.

       After the Spurs jumped back from a wasted opportunity, the game became: Lebron vs the Spurs. The game had already been in Lebron's hands, but in the last couple of minutes of the game, Lebron was taking the shots. 

      With three minutes to go, the game was tied 90-90 and both teams fate were hanging in the balance. The Heat went to a pick and roll and had a beautiful play with Allen making a great pass to Chris Andersen for a lay up. However, of course, the Spurs came right back and Tony Parker knocked down a big three after great ball movement (How many times have I said that?)

     The game was stuck in the 93-92 score, as Chris Bosh and then Manu missed a contested threes. Lebron came right back on the next possession, and made a great decision to pass the ball to Chris Bosh (Who was wide open in the corner). 


     Chris Bosh (18 points in the game) came up clutch again and hit a huge three to put the Heat up 95-93. Although, the Spurs are the Spurs and the game is never over with Manu, Parker, Green, Duncan, and Kawhi in the game. Manu came off a screen from Duncan, found Duncan in the post and zipped a pass to Duncan. 

    There was one problem: The pass was way off of Duncan. Manu had threw the ball away and the Spurs had given up the best chance to tie the game. 

     On the next two possessions, Lebron made a free throw, moved the ball finding Wade wide open under the basket, and Manu missed another shot. 

     Lebron had taken over the game, trusted his teammates (The Big Three), while Manu and the Spurs came up short when it counted. Lebron ended the game with 35 points, and the Heat walked out with a 98-96 lead. 

The only question going into game 2 is, "Can Lebron and his starting crew beat the Spurs?"