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Kawhi Leonard Wins Finals MVP As Spurs Win 5th NBA Championship

     With the Heat down 3-1 in the series, and on the road, most everyone has been counting them out: "The Heat are done." Or in Stephen A Smith's words: "THERE IS ABSOLUTE NO CHANCE OF THE HEAT COMING BACK" 

    However, whether anyone wants to believe they will comeback or not, there is always the next game. And in the 2014 NBA Finals, it was game five. And for the Heat to comeback, the only way to look at the series is quarter by quarter. 

    And in quarter one of game five, they jumped out to an early lead led with their leader and and a little bit of luck. On offense, Lebron had an ultimate takeover as he scored 9 of their first 11 points. On defense, they did not necessarily play great, but instead, it was the Spurs just not finishing their looks. 

    Tony Parker got a wide open three point look: Clank. Tim Duncan shot an uncontested 20 foot jumper: Clank. Parker had another wide open pull up jumper: Clank. Nothing was falling for the Spurs, and they started 0-6 from the field. 

      With the mixture of Lebron playing out of his mind and the Spurs not finishing opportunities, the Heat jumped out to a 22-6 lead. 

     However, as Jeff Van Gundy said, the game was still looking good for San Antonio. The Heat were relying on one player, while the Spurs were getting great looks from the field. All the Spurs needed was a little offensive boost and momentum. In other words, Manu Ginobili. 

    Manu came into the game at the 9 minute mark, but started making his mark after the 16 point deficit. Manu made an "and-one" tough lay up, knocked down a three, and assisted to Kawhi Leonard for a three. Just like that, the Spurs had cut a big lead to just 7 points. 

    For the rest of the quarter, the Heat went to Lebron, while the Spurs played as a team. At the end of the first, Lebron was enough to lead the Heat to a 29-22 lead. 

    In the second quarter, the Heat continued to go to Lebron. However, as everyone knows, no one can win a game alone. And for everyone watching, game five second quarter was a perfect example, as Lebron was unable to find open looks. Lebron was unable to score, and only make plays, and like the entire series, NO ONE on the Heat stepped up. 

    Lebron made great plays to find open looks, but no one on the Heat was able to step up and help Lebron. On the other side, the Spurs had everyone stepping up in the series, but in second quarter of game five, it was Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili making plays. 

    Leonard got the Spurs back in the game, as he scored 6 straight points to cut the lead to three points. After Leonard, Duncan decided to help out as he scored 6 of the Spurs next 8 points. Just like that, the Spurs had cut a 16 point lead to 1 point. Now, all the Spurs needed was to get over the hump and take their first lead of the game. Who else than the future Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard? Leonard played great defense on Lebron, grabbed the rebound, ran down the court and hit a pull up jumper. 

    The Spurs had taken the 37-35 lead with their continual 29-15 run, and only looked to extend the lead. Unlike Miami with Lebron, the Spurs had many different players who could take over a game in this series. Manu then came in to help Duncan and Leonard, as he scored 8 straight points and stretched the lead to 8 points. Manu about caused a riot as he threw down a monster dunk over Chris Bosh and then hit a pull up three. The Spurs had gone on a 39-15 run over a 16 minute stretch! 

    The Heat continued to struggle to find offense, as Lebron cannot win an entire game going 1 on 5. As Bill Simmons put, "Lebron's on the 2010 Cavs again!" No one showed up to help Lebron in the Finals, while the entire Spurs had the heart of a champion and all were contributing. 

   By the end of the half, the Spurs had Manu with 14 points, Leonard with 15, Duncan with 8, and the entire team with a 47-40 lead over Miami. 

   The scariest part of the Spurs lead for Miami: Tony Parker and Danny Green hadn't scored a single point....

   In the third quarter, for the second straight game, there was no push for the Miami Heat. The Heat shot 1-9 from the field, and scored only 2 points in the first 5 and a half minutes in the game. The Spurs were helping on Lebron everywhere on the court, and the Heat's counter parts were doing nothing (Wade and Bosh shooting  On the other side, the Spurs were slowly extending the lead. After the first 3 minutes, the Spurs scored on 8 straight possessions to push the lead to 21. 

   While Lebron was the only player who showed up in the Finals for Miami (5 bench points before 4th quarter), the Spurs had 48 bench points with everyone contributing throughout the entire game. 

   Specifically for San Antonio, the native from Australia, Patty Mills, took over the game as he hit 4 three's, and one jumper, in the third quarter for 14 points. Mills was the final deal for Miami, as the Spurs had already started celebrating and the Heat already mentally checked out (Although almost everyone had been mentally gone since game one). 

    By the end of the third, the Spurs had a 35 point swing since the first quarter, and were up 77-58. The Heat had scored 29 points in the first quarter, and then 29 total from the 2nd and 3rd quarter. Lebron had scored 46% of the Heat's points and was still shooting Michael Jordan's career field goal percentage. On the other end, the Spurs bench had 51% of their points, while Miami's bench had 17% of their points. 

    Miami had tried to win a Championship as a team led by Lebron, a play-maker, but when his teammates fall apart, he can no longer play make, just score. As everyone knows, no one can win a Championship this way, and the Spurs, who had one of the best benches in NBA history (Plus 3 Hall of Famers), took advantage. 

    At the end of the day, people need to stop over analyzing or blaming the series on one person. The Spurs had one of the greatest NBA Finals performances of all time, and were the better, more hungry team. Miami seemed to have a lazy heart (Besides Lebron), while San Antonio had the heart of Napoleon. 

   San Antonio celebrated the NBA Finals with Kawhi Leonard as NBA Finals MVP (17.8 PPG) and a final score of 104-87.