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Turning Point For Chris Davis?

 Chris Davis has had a relatively terrible year after a exceptional season in the past year. After hitting .286, hitting 53 home runs, and batting in 138 runs, Davis is hitting .216, with 12 home runs, and 37 RBI's. Although he is still hitting with power, he is no where near his pace from last season. 

 Davis has turned into an Adam Dunn this season, going for the long ball and actually striking out only 5 less times than Dunn this year (Dunn is leading the AL in strike outs). He will most likely not be voted an all star, unlike last year, and will not participate in the home run derby. 

 However, as we all know, in baseball, momentum and slumps can change in an instant. For the Orioles, this might be their break. Chris Davis has hit a 3-run, game winning home run to defeat the Chicago White Sox. 

 Davis pinch hit for Delmon Young and took advantage by hitting a bomb into the right field porch. Ronald Belisario had Davis in mud with a 1-2 count, but Davis fouled off a ball, and took two straight balls. With a full count, Davis took Young deep against Chicago to reach a 6-4 win. 

 With Davis struggling this year, and the all-star break coming up, this could help Davis' confidence and play before the all-star break. Orioles fans are praying for him to join Adam Jones and Nelson Cruz in hitting some home runs, and possibly give the Orioles the most powerful line up in the MLB. 

What do you think? Will Chris Davis turn his season around?