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Lebron Opts Out of Contract - One Man Holds Lebron's Future In His Hands

One minute I'm walking to the DMV, next minute I'm sitting in the parking lot listening to all the sports radios I can find. Who wants to go to the DMV anyways? 

The man that has delayed my day is Lebron James. Lebron has been big news in the past couple of weeks with the controversy of him possibly opting out of his contract. "Lebron's going back to Miami for another Title" "Lebron isn't loyal, he'll leave Miami the first chance he gets." 

Welp, today Lebron officially has opted out, and is testing free agency. Already I have heard Cleveland fans having different mind sets of, "Well, I used to hate him, but now that he has to chance to come back....." First off, Lebron has not left the Heat for good. 

He has opted out of his contract which means he is a free agent. This is not a game of tag with "No tag backs!" The Heat can resign him and Lebron can be in a Heat uniform in 2015. It would be like this off-season never mattered. 

Second, Lebron makes his own choices, but he is not the one totally controlling where he goes. Loyalty and the home town Cleveland are not a huge influence on Lebron right now. LA, New York, and the big cities are not on his mind. One player has quite a large part in where Lebron will be heading:

Dwyane Wade. 

Wade has been Lebron's sidekick since 2010 when James joined Miami. He has taken a step back, let Lebron take over the team, and proven just how great of a person, and teammate, he really is. But now, Wade has a bigger test ahead of him:

Will he demand 20 million dollar contract and have Lebron flee Miami, or take a 9 or 10 million dollars and have a chance at another title with Lebron? 

Right now, Lebron is looking for a title and to expand his legacy to greater heights. If Wade takes a large contract, the Heat will be stuck in mud with finding better players to surround Lebron and Wade. We saw in the 2014 Finals how terrible his teammates played (It was the 2010 Cavs all over again), and Lebron knows he needs better players and better performances. With Wade taking a large contract, it makes it nearly impossible to surround Lebron. 

However, with Wade taking a smaller deal, the Heat have a variety of moves to make in the off-season. With Pat Riley in the front office, magic will happen and Lebron will have great teammates in 2015. 

All in all, Lebron heading to Miami or moving in a different direction depends on one man, Dwyane Wade. Ya, maybe the home town move still hurts from 2010, but right now, Lebron is looking towards Dwyane Wade for an answer.