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Should the Cavaliers Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kevin Love?

      With the first pick in the NBA Draft, the Cavaliers selected Andrew Wiggins, a guard coming out of freshmen year in Kansas. Wiggins has unmatched potential with unbelievable jumping ability, length, and overall athleticism. However, although Wiggins will be a very good player next year, and a great player in the future, it might be in the best interest of the Cavaliers organization to trade him. 

      Who would they trade him for? None other than Kevin Love. Love has played in the NBA for 6 seasons, been an all-star three times, and has played his entire career for the measly talented Minnesota Timberwolves. In the past two seasons (Ignoring the 2013 injury season), Love has averaged 26 points per game, 13 rebounds per game, and 37% three point shooting which is few and far between in 6'10 athletes. 

      He's proven he can score, shoot, rebound, pass, and needs a chance to prove he can win. Obviously the Cavaliers with Lebron James and Kyrie Irving could provide this idea to everyone, and win a Championship. 

      However, there is a major problem in bringing Kevin Love to Cleveland. The Cavaliers actually have to give up someone to Minnesota, and that person seems to be the one and only, Andrew Wiggins. It is pretty clear that Minnesota will only trade Wiggins for Lebron or Wiggins, and obviously, no one would ever trade Lebron, so Wiggins is the only option. 

The Cavaliers are then faced with two options: 

1. Keep Wiggins, let Wiggins develop under Lebron, Wiggins turn into a super star, let Lebron age before turning into a Championship contender, and have the best back court in the NBA now. 

2. Trade Wiggins, get Love, have the newest big three develop, title contend for the next 5-7 years. 

     To me, looking at the options, I feel that trading Wiggins is undoubtedly the best option for Cleveland. Let Kevin Love come over to Cleveland, have a great guard, forward, and center, and an all around great team. Kyrie or Lebron can play pick and roll/pop with Love, have one set up for a shooting/driving option somewhere else on the floor, and find some shooters to put in the corner. Versatile big men are the most valuable players in the league, and Cleveland has a chance to grab two (Lebron and Love). 

     Once Cleveland lands some three point shooters, they are set to contend and win a Championship. There would be some need to improve their defense, but overall, they would be for sure Championship contenders. Lebron could play with a Chris Bosh-like player, who is a better rebounder, shooter, and scorer! 

      The only argument I see for keeping Wiggins is for the potential, excitement, and future. Wiggins is not going to be an all-star in his first year - Well take that back - He's in the eastern conference, so possibly, but unlikely. 

      Wiggins could turn into the next great thing, and it's up to the Cleveland organization and Lebron to decide if he's worth the risk of keeping him to develop. To me, I don't like too many risks and I feel Love would be a sure thing to bring Cleveland to Championship contention. I don't see Wiggins, Kyrie, Lebron taking Cleveland to a Championship next season, and I feel Vegas is wrong for making them favorites to win it all. I could see them competing for the ECF, but I don't see them beating teams like San Antonio in the west. 

     Finally, Wiggins is only worth keeping to see the excitement. I admit it, that I would love to see Wiggins, Kyrie, and Lebron play together. I can't wait to see them develop and become the best back court in the NBA. As a fan, I want the Cavs to keep Wiggins. 

     However, at the end of the day, I feel that Cavs fans just want to win. And if that's the case, Love is the best option for contending for a Championship next year, and years after that.